Become a partner of the company

Open a sales office in your city
or become the person representing the company
The task of a remote sales office or an individual representing a company in his city is to attract customers and then interact with them during the provision of services by our company

What services does a remote sales office provide?
Using our infrastructure, you can deny the following services to the business sector in your area
Search for products and manufacturers in China
Most of the business requires a supply of products in one way or another, whether it be retail goods or manufacturing parts. Good suppliers must be sought on an ongoing basis in order to continually reduce purchasing costs.
Wholesale supply and supply
When suppliers are found or the client knows specific models of the required products, it is necessary to buy these products in China and bring them to the client's warehouse. This is a laborious and legally complex process, which is why the business prefers to outsource this process to companies like ours.
It also happens that the client has already entered into an agreement with a Chinese supplier in advance and now cannot resolve the issue of delivery and customs clearance of a consignment of goods. In this case, we can also take the process into our own hands.
Other services for business with China
Around the three main services related to China, there are several less demanded, but still provided by us:
  • Foreign exchange transfers to China
  • Business tours (negotiations)
  • Export to China
  • Organization of production in China

What does the partner of the company get?
We will provide you with everything you need to work successfully
Business processes
We will open the door to the Chinese market for you. Providing services to your client, you will use our infrastructure, established over the years.
Training and support
We provide training on all services of our company, and you can always count on our support on all issues, including accounting and legal
Site in your city
A page on the site with your city and region with your contacts and a connected application system
Strong brand
Constant advertising and a corporate website will not make your customers doubt you
Company materials
To interact with customers, you will receive company materials with your contacts

How do you work with the head office of the company?
Logistics and order processing in China is taken over by the head office of the company. You just have to accept the results of the work and inform the client.
You attract a client
Using the materials and tools created earlier for you
You advise him and determine the need
We do not interfere in any way in your negotiations with the client.
Form a customer order
At this stage, you must first agree on the order with the head office
Make a contract with him
You will also receive the contract form from us
Transfer the order for execution to the head office
We process the order and at the same time inform you about the progress of its execution

How does the partner earn?
The main question, and it depends only on you.
Your earnings consist of a percentage of the company's earnings on a completed customer order
Representative of the company
An individual representing a company in his city
Sales office
Complete office with sales department and meeting room
Let's analyze the average order in our company
Order price
Customer order
$30 000
Company earnings
$3 000
30% from earnings
Your earnings in case of opening an office
15% from earnings
Your earnings if you are a representative

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We provide a full range of services for the search, selection and dispatch of products from China, while taking all risks on ourselves
- Search for the best manufacturer by price / quality criteria
- Turnkey logistics by any means of transport
- Sales of your products in China
- Organization of business missions and business tours to China
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By submitting your data, you give consent to the processing of your personal data.
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