Delivery of goods from China

Reliable logistics network
For many years of experience in the delivery of goods from China, we have developed an extensive network of warehouses and routes along which the logistics of our customers' goods are carried out
Consolidation of cargo in China
Five warehouses in China will allow you to consolidate orders from different factories into one cargo, which reduces the cost of logistics and reduces the risk of losing part of the cargo
Payment to suppliers in China
Our own company in China allows you to settle accounts with suppliers and factories in China
Customs clearance
Our specialists have extensive experience in interacting with customs, which guarantees you no problems with customs clearance
from 20 kg
7-14 days
from 5 $/kg
from 30 kg
15 - 25 days
from 2 $/kg
from 20 kg
18 - 21 days
from 5 $/kg
from 30 kg
35 - 45 days
from 2 $/kg
Customs clearance is already included in the rate
Additional packaging of fragile cargo in protective foam and wooden crate
We take all the risks
related to the delivery of products from China
You conclude an agreement with our company
We are legally responsible to you
We conclude contracts with contractor companies from China
Our company in China has the right to demand the fulfillment of all obligations from counterparties under the laws of the PRC
Your interests are fully protected at all stages of the purchase and delivery of products
Because the international group of companies "Pantheon" in Russia and Pantheon in China are one organization
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What type of delivery is preferable for you?
If you are not sure about the choice of delivery method, then we can advise and choose the best route for you.
To calculate customs payments, you will need a TNVED code. If the code is not known, then it is necessary to write the product name and description:
Indicate the weight of the cargo in kilograms:
Cargo volume and number of pieces (pieces):
Production cost in China:
City of departure and city of destination:
Our clients
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We provide a full range of services for the search, selection and dispatch of products from China, while taking all risks on ourselves
- Search for the best manufacturer by price / quality criteria
- Turnkey logistics by any means of transport
- Sales of your products in China
- Organization of business missions and business tours to China
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