Manufacturing and purchasing in China

We will find the products you need at the best price. We organize production.
We will deliver the finished batch to your warehouse.

Search for products and manufacturers
Its headquarters in China allows you to quickly and efficiently find the necessary products and their manufacturers. Own base of reliable suppliers.
Audit and control
We will check the factory before concluding a contract, control the production process, check the batch for defects.
Sample order
Before a large purchase, we always agree on samples with the client.
Payment to Chinese suppliers
Own legal entities persons in China for payment and conclusion of contracts.
Wholesale supply
Search for products and manufacturers
Manufacturing in factories in China

Wholesale delivery service process

Your application
You tell what product and in what quantity you need, we conclude an agreement to represent your interests in China.
We contact a supplier in China
Our employees find several options for suppliers of the products you need.
We agree with you on all the details
You decide which supplier to order products from, if necessary, we request samples for you.
We conclude a supply contract with you from our legal entity.
We conclude a contract with the factory, pay and deliver products
Our company in China enters into a contract with a supplier and pays for it. After production, we check the batch for defects and deliver the products to your warehouse.
In this way
You do not run the risk of being deceived by the Chinese supplier, since we are the ones who undertake to supply the products under the supply agreement. And in case of disagreements with a supplier in China, any disputes will be resolved faster thanks to an internal agreement in China, as opposed to an international one.
The products you need are in your warehouse at the best price in less than 30 days!

Manufacturing in Chinese factories

The service is quite common as it allows you to save on the maintenance of your own production
OEM (original equipment manufacturer)
- the factory produces products on which you can apply the identity of any brand.
ODM (original design manufacturer)
- the factory manufactures products according to your original drawings or technical specifications.
Start saving on production in a month
Yiwu Market City
For representatives of retail chains and wholesale companies, we provide a remote sourcing department in Yiwu city
Our clients
Become one of them too
We provide a full range of services for the search, selection and dispatch of products from China, while taking all risks on ourselves
- Search for the best manufacturer by price / quality criteria
- Turnkey logistics by any means of transport
- Sales of your products in China
- Organization of business missions and business tours to China
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